28 May 2010

Society for Environmental GREEN Design

From the better-late-than-never department (meaning that I meant to post this last week), SEGD has some news on the sustainability front. First, they're compiling a Green Resource Guide, which they describe as "a forum for sustainable innovation in environmental graphic design." Sounds rather relevant, no? Second, they released their Sustainability Issue of segdDESIGN.

Thanks Anna!


27 May 2010

Emeco Chair Part Deux

And here is another wonderful photo essay about the same Emeco chair:


Recycled chairs: Coca Cola bottles are the new trend at Design Within Reach

Click on the link to find out more about the new and (green!) plastic chair:

Emeco's 111 Navy chair gives Coke bottles a second life

20 May 2010

Tomorrow is National Bike to Work Day

May is Bike Month in New York City!

Although you can't take your two wheels underwater like the group below, tomorrow morning you can get some miles in and a free breakfast if you ride your bike into work for National Bike to Work Day.

What a green thing to do!!! See more info below on the exciting events, and check out their website for more information: www.bikemonthnyc.org

Join fellow cyclists on May 21st at any of the pit-stops below:

Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine Bike Commuter Breakfast Station
Fri, May 21 5:00 am
12th Avenue and 26th Street, New York, NY
Here's another reason to use some pedal power this Friday, National Bike to Work Day: If you're near the Whole Living offices in New York City, you can get free breakfast-on-the-go and a chance to win awesome prizes -- including a Gazelle bike valued at $849!

The Bronx Borough President's Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 7:00 am
Poe Cottage (Grand Concourse and Kingsbridge Rd.), Bronx, NY
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. invites everybody who lives or works in the Bronx and neighboring communities to enjoy Bike Month!

NYC DOT's Brooklyn Bike Commute
Fri, May 21 7:30 am
Plaza St. West and Union St., Brooklyn, NY

Queens Borough President's Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 7:30 am
Queens Plaza North between Crescent and 24th Street, Queens, NY 11101
Celebrate cycling in Queens with refreshments provided by the office of Queens Borough President Helen M. Marshall.

T.A. Manhattan Bridge Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 7:30 am
Manhattan Bridge Bike Path (Canal Street and Forsyth Street) NY, NY
Celebrate cycling on the Manhattan Bridge courtesy of Transportation Alternatives.

Times Up! and T.A. Williamsburg Bridge Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 7:30 am
Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn, NY
Celebrate cycling on the Williamsburg Bridge courtesy of Time’s UP! and Transportation Alternatives.

Staten Island Borough President's Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 7:30 am
St. George Ferry Terminal, Staten Island Ferry
Celebrate cycling in Staten Island with a free breakfast with Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro.

UWS Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 7:30 am
Riverside Park S. at 68th Street, New York, NY
Bike to Work along the Hudson River Greenway and enjoy breakfast goodies from the Upper West Side Street Renaissance Campaign.

Brooklyn Bridge Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 7:30 am
Middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY
Join Transportation Alternatives on the Brooklyn Bridge for a free breakfast.

Self Magazine and T.A. Times Square Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 7:30 am
Broadway between 42nd St. and 43rd St., New York, NY
Celebrate cycling in Times Square courtesy of Self Magazine, Times Square Alliance and Transportation Alternatives.

Brooklyn Borough President's Pit Stop
Fri, May 21 8:00 am
209 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn, NY
Celebrate cycling in Brooklyn with a ride and free breakfast courtesy of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

04 May 2010

To Buy Organic or Not to Buy Organic

...that is the question. I'm always tempted by the tons of cheap produce available a block away from me in Chinatown, but I feel like I should probably be buying only from green markets. Then again, I once paid $7 (seven dollars!) for one tomato at the Union Square farmers market. (It was a big tomato, but not that big.) If I bought everything from the farmers market, I'd go broke or hungry or both.

Apparently this is a common dilemma. Fortunately, the Environmental Working Group conducted a series of experiments to find out just how many pesticides wind up in our non-organic fruit and veggies by the time they're ready to eat (e.g., once you've washed and/or peeled them). Here's the full list of results of the 49 fruits and vegetables tested. And some aren't so bad. It is still possible to buy some of your produce from a conventional grocery store (or stall in Chinatown, even) and some from a green market and not be irresponsible. Just read the results of the testing and make your purchases accordingly.

Oh, and if you have a couple extra minutes, the methodology section is particularly interesting, too.